As temperatures plunge and the “thunder-snow” hits (or not), we’re warming our taste buds with this African-Caribbean dish for Dish Of The Week (DOTW).

The Red Lion in Holt Heath, Worcester serves up African-Caribbean inspired curries.

Landlord and head chef Victoria Cullen grew up with a mother from the Caribbean and a father from Nigeria, so now blends the cuisines to create a menu that packs a punch.

This butternut curry with rice 'n' peas, plantain & dumplings is also vegan.  



Butternut curry with rice 'n' peas, plantain & dumplings, £12.99


“Our food here is about flavour," she explains. "And the key to flavour is taking your time. My nan always taught me that curries taste best the next day as it gives the dish a chance to marinade.

“For this  we start by browning the onions, then add potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, water, fresh thyme and curry powder & spices.

“Then let it simmer for good 30 minutes and add your cooked peas and beans. Then add salt and pepper to season and if you want heat add a scotch bonnet chilli to it.”

Each curry is cooked to the customer’s heat tolerance.

Victoria continues: “This is the food I grew up with and I wanted to educate people about the cuisine. Many people are familiar with Indian or Thai-style cooking, but not so many know about African.”