Where do Brits want to spend their money when they eat out? Well fire up your ovens, because it's the pub.

The great British pub has been confirmed as the go-to destination for eating out in the evening, according to the Greene King Leisure Spend Tracker this month.

A hearty 37 per cent of respondents identified it as the place to go, followed by restaurants (35 per cent) and fast-food outlets (12 per cent).

When broken down into categories, pubs were most popular for older respondents, with 44 per cent of those aged 55+ saying they visited a pub most frequently.

Kenny Skelton, Greene King’s digital & insights director said: “The figures show the Great British pub continues to be an important venue for many British households, not only as a place for socialising but as a preferred destination for eating out.

“This has been helped by an industry-wide focus on improving the dining experience for customers – one that will stand it in good stead moving forward into 2017.”

The Greene King Leisure Spend Tracker is a report based on an "online, nationally representative sample" of around 4,000 people, reflecting the leisure behaviour of 4,000 households.

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