London's Drapers Arms pub has won this year’s Scotch Egg Challenge with a haggis & panko breadcrumb style-egg.

The 6th infamous Scotch Egg Challenge, organised by Young’s pubs and Oisín Rogers of the Guinea Grill, dubbed the Islington pub's egg the best in the UK, after it was pitted against 14 other entries.

A mixture of pubs and restaurants entered the challenge, submitting anything from a classic style egg to a slightly unconventional one.



 The Drapers Arms won this year's Scotch Egg Challenge with this haggis & panko crumb entry. 


Taking second and third place in the challenge respectively was Neil Rankin's egg with Lincoln russet beef & middle white pork and the full English breakfast egg from MyPie - with 4 sausage meats & cornflakes.

The Young’s-owned Canonbury pub in Islington hosted the event and opened its doors to anyone who wanted to try the eggs to free. 



 The word "seagulls" was used to describe crowds...


The challenge was launched in 2010 after two pubs decided to settle a dispute about who really had the best Scotch egg.

Watch the video above to see some of the other Scotch Egg contenders, and hear what Oisín thinks is the key to winning this much-loved challenge. 

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