Are you serving offal, llama and kangaroo? Some brits would happily try it all.

A study by the Great British Chefs website has revealed that 91 per cent of those who classed themselves as “foodies” would eat “almost everything and anything”.

A survey of 5,000 British “foodies” (typically described as someone who likes visiting lots of restaurants and talking about food) found that they were open to trying exotic meats, with people eating ostrich (37 per cent) kangaroo (26 per cent) and buffalo (25 per cent).

While unlikely to become a great British staple, four per cent had eaten squirrel and one per cent had tried llama and gooseneck barnacles (a crustacean found on rocks).

Offal seemed increasingly popular - many of those surveyed had tried oxtail (50 per cent) cheeks (43 per cent), heart (30 per cent), bone marrow (25 per cent) and trotters (20 per cent).

The study asked participants to reveal what dishes they regularly cooked at home and the contents of their store cupboard.

85 per cent said they were inspired by what they had eaten in restaurants when cooking.

The site said: “The Great British Foodie White Paper, shows that British foodies have an insatiable appetite when it comes to being adventurous with food.”