This pub group is celebrating Shrove Tuesday with pancakes made entirely from meat.

To help customers “pig out” before Lent, the Oxford based House of Jacob group has created Pigcakes made entirely from organic local pork cuts plus a small amount of batter made with meat lard & pork juices. 

The ‘Pigcakes’ were created by executive head chef Chris Kennedy and consist of five different cuts of pork, including belly, cheek and shoulder.

The group, which includes The Woodstock Arms, in Woodstock, will serve a ‘classic American’ style meat stack and a refined ‘brisket ballotine’ with chunky ‘slaw & veal jus.



Chris said: “We decided to update the boring batter mix and hero our organic pigs by creating an all-meat alternative. We’re passionate about local, quality produce and wanted to offer our loyal customers something a bit different this year.

“For both dishes, I slow cooked the pork belly for four hours until it could be moulded it into the classic, pancake shape. I then fried it off with carrots, onions and candied apple, served with a dousing of veal jus and a side of cherry tomatoes & chunky ‘slaw.

“It’s a carnivore's dream with no Nutella in sight.”



The dish costs £8.50