Dr. Oetker Professional is helping pubs branch into pizza by launching a new Fresh Dough Pizza Base.

The dough has been developed to deliver a quality home-made style pizza base - particularly handy for licensees wanting to offer pizza after it was named the most popular item on UK menus by market insights company Horizons.

The nine-inch base can be cooked from frozen and is already topped with a classic tomato passata. 

Emma Haworth, senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker Professional (UK), said: “Pizza’s versatility and wide customer appeal makes it a profitable addition, but only when it’s done right.

"That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a fresh dough pizza base that delivers real authenticity to menus – a key trend as people increasingly look for quality and value when eating out.

"We also wanted to create a base that takes the hassle and costly wastage associated with frozen dough pucks, which not only have to be thawed and proved (left to rise) overnight but – depending who is on service – pressing can mean a variation in base size and thickness leading to inconsistent results.”

The new Fresh Dough Pizza Base is available now in cases of 22, and each base can bake in the oven in as quickly as three minutes.