A £99 pie and a pie with horns, which UK pubs are taking their pie game to the next level?

It’s National Pie Week so quite frankly if the nation isn’t flocking to a pub to celebrate then there’s something wrong.

They’re a pub favourite, but the pies you are about to witness offer way more than your average steak & kidney.


1. The Farmers Boy Inn, The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

This 10lb pie costs a whopping £99 and is served to a maximum of four people at a time. Landlord Phil Kiernan says it’s very popular.

Customers must order it three days in advance and the pub will prepare the pie with 100 per cent British beef from a local family butcher.

It’s described on the menu as “as big as a baby”, because how else would you describe it?





2. The Guinea Grill, Mayfair, London

A recipe this old has got to be foolproof. For over 30 years this 15th-century pub has been serving up the same pie offer.

It won the national steak and kidney pie competition three times running before the organisers said it was time for someone else to have some glory.

The recipe is so precious that manager Oisin Rogers keeps it in the pub’s safe, and gets it out only to quality check the pies. It only has a suet lid and no base, but they’ve been flying out the kitchen door like, well, hot pies since 1985, so why change it?





3. The Weighbridge Inn, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

Home of the original 2 in 1 Pie®. Yep, it’s even an officially registered name.

The pie consists of a pie on one side of the bowl with an oozy cauliflower cheese (or something different) on the other side. A complete meal in one. The pub serves up vegan and vegetarian options and also a miniature sized 2 in 1 Pie.





4. The Woodstock Arms, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

This pub has created the ‘Brekkie Pie’ for National Pie Week – a full English breakfast in a pie.

It is made by layering tomato, baked beans, black pudding, bacon chop, fried egg and HP gravy into a vintage John Hunt pie press.

It is served with a side HP gravy too for dipping.





5. The Forest Fence, Burnley, Lancashire

Part of Seafood Pub Company’s fleet, this pub has a Mediterranean-inspired menu which called for a Mediterranean-inspired pie.

This is a twist on a classic steak pie called the Raging Bull, served with rosemary chips.





6. Mad O' Rourke's Pie Factory pub, Tipton, West Midlands

This Desperate Dan pie is made with steak, kidney & a variety of seasonal vegetables all slowly cooked together in gravy. 

It’s baked with a pastry lid and pastry horns, then all 4lb of pie is delivered to the customer’s reinforced table. Customers probably need to reinforce their sofa's once they eventually get home too after consuming one of these.