You might be ‘hygge’d’ out, but Scandinavian food and drink sales are booming in the UK.

According to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Swedish food and drink sales in the UK have grown by 33 per cent in the last three years.

This combined with the Scandinavian concept of cosiness known as hygge seems to be fuelling a trend for Nordic cuisine in foodservice.

Andrew Ely, managing director of the Swiss bakery brand Almondy UK, said: “As awareness and demand have grown we’ve seen retailers expand their offering and a plethora of Nordic restaurants and bakeries opening across the UK.

“From Michelin-starred restaurant Aquavit to operators such as Faucet Inn introducing the Swedish concept, ‘fika’ – a social coffee break – into its pubs, bars and boutique hotels.

“The Swedish lifestyle trend ‘lagom’ – meaning ‘just the right amount’ – is hotly tipped to take over ‘hygge’ for 2017. (Read more about pubs and hygge here).

“This means Sweden will remain front of mind with consumers, as well as offer a golden opportunity for savvy caterers looking to keep their menus one-step ahead of the competition.”


Other typical Scandinavian dishes include:


1. Kroppkakor

Potato dumplings filled with cured pork, onions & allspice. Usually served with clarified butter and lingonberries.


2. Waffles with cloudberries and whipped cream

Cloudberries are related to raspberries and extremely popular in Sweden. They are a golden-yellowish colour and cloudberry based desserts are often chosen for special occasions.


3. Pickled herring

Originally herring was central to most Swedish food because it was so cheap. Now it is a big part of many Swedish festivals. It is often served with egg, Västerbottensost (Swedish cheese), sour cream, new potatoes, some crispbread & a glass of schnapps.


4. Kräftor med dill (crayfish with dill)

August kräftskivor (crayfish parties) are one of the highlights of the Swedish calendar. This involves drinking schnapps, beer and of course eating crayfish that are cooked in beer, sugar, salt and dill flowers.