A survey of nearly 20,000 people has found that fresh fruit is more important than bacon when it comes to hotel breakfasts.

A poll revealed that just nine per cent of people put “quality bacon” in their top three breakfast requirements, compared to 19 per cent who said a “good selection of fruit” was important.

The AA poll of 19,018 people found that while cooked breakfasts are still a priority when it comes to eating in hotels, bed & breakfasts and inns, people were keen for ‘healthy’ and vegetarian options.

The top five requirements for a good breakfast were:


  • Good selection of English and Continental (63 per cent)
  • Food cooked to order (47 per cent)
  • Choice of eggs, for example, scrambled, boiled or fried (31 per cent)
  • Good selection of alternative options, for example, ‘healthy’ or vegetarian (28 per cent)
  • Good selection of hot and cold drinks (28 per cent)


Guests also wanted locally sourced ingredients on the breakfast menu (25 per cent), with the AA claiming this is a growing trend.

Participants picked out their pet hates about breakfasts, which saw over or undercooked food take the top spot as the most annoying trait.

The top five were:


  • Over/undercooked food
  • Lack of choice
  • Self-service
  • Slow to replenish dishes
  • Tinned fruit


AA Hotel Services said: "Gone are the days when a plate of eggs and bacon, together with any residual grease, is acceptable in a hotel.  Travellers now expect a wide choice of great quality food. 

"Healthier options and choice for those with special dietary requirements is also a must, as is freshly cooked, locally sourced ingredients.”