Alarming amounts of people have admitted to eating food they hate in order to appear “more cultured”.

More than one in ten Brits (14 per cent) have actually eaten something they hate to appear cultured, according to a survey by Mediterranean cruise company MSC Cruises UK of 1,500 people. 

What’s more, 29 per cent surveyed said they had previously claimed to be “foodies” even though they didn’t like a number of on-trend food items. 

Among the top 20 foods that Brits claimed to like, but secretly don't, was sushi in at number one, followed by dark chocolate and steak served rare. 

Perhaps more surprisingly though, was the fact that people were lying about liking avocado, which has been made infamous for being smashed on toast lately, and also craft beer. 

The top 20 foods to lie about were: 


1.            Sushi                   

2.            Dark chocolate  

3.            Rare steak           

4.            Quinoa                

5.            Oysters               

6.            Craft ales            

7.            Smelly cheese    

8.            Hot chillies          

9.            Avocado              

10.          Granola                

11.          Raw Vegetables  

12.          Sweetbreads       

13.          Kale                       

14.          Korean food        

15.          Kimchi                  

16.          Sashimi                 

17.          Courgetti             

18.          Rye Bread            

19.          Bowl food (Congee) 

20.          Aged meat           


The survey also found that 16-29 year olds are more likely to have 11 fine dining experiences in a year compared to the 45-plus age group, who have an average of six.