Over half of diners will check out your pub on social media to hunt for menus and reviews before visiting.

Research by hospitality guest experience researchers HGEM indicates that 66 per cent of people visit an outlet’s social media pages before eating out.

Of those, nearly a third (30 per cent) said they visit for menu information and 22 per cent seek customer reviews.

While social media is often synonymous with younger millennial diners (18-35 year olds), the research found that 53 per cent of 56-65 year olds were also visiting social media pages before eating out.

Offers and promotions were the most popular type of content on social media pages, followed by photos, events and competitions.

And Facebook proved to be the most widely used platform – with 64 per cent of diners saying this was their chosen channel for interacting with restaurants. 

Steven Pike, managing director of HGEM, said: “Ensuring that your restaurant’s channels are updated regularly with pertinent and engaging information for customers is crucial to meet guest expectation of what content is available – and shareable - on these social networking sites.

“While many operators will, of course, devote considerable resource to ensuring their social media presence is well managed, the findings highlight that on-site conversations still remain important to the overall guest experience, and we encourage restaurant to consider all elements of the customer journey when considering how to manage and improve the conversations had with customers.”