Watch your carnivorous customers flock to you this April, as Great British Beef Week (GBBW) gives you the chance to...well...beef up profits.

Kicking off nicely on St George’s Day, the awareness week runs from April 23 to May 1 and is a good opportunity to push menu items and play around with different cuts of beef.

Now in its seventh year, there will be a host of activities taking place to support GBBW including a social media campaign and promotional activity in retailers and butchers.

AHDB Beef & Lamb, the organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England, have suggested these four ways pubs could make the most of the week.


1. Date night menus, with dishes for two to share

Steak & wine is a classic date night combination. Boost mid-week sales by enticing in couples with an attractive steak deal.


2. Family lunches for St George’s Day

Make the most of St George’s Day by pushing your British beef dishes. Offer a “host-a-roast” style menu so families can carve up their own beef joint at the table as if they were at home but without the hassle of cooking and washing up.


Pinchana mini joint cooked to perfection @inapub_


3. Sharing starters or snacks

Sharing-style dishes are on trend right now. Why not promote a selection of beef sharing foods such as chilli beef nachos or a roasted mini joint with Mediterranean vegetables (below)?


IMG 0319 1


4. Hold tasting menus for private parties

Getting people to pre-book a ticket to a private tasting menu means you can ensure customer numbers plus get your ordering right.