A ‘Women in Food Ambassador Programme’ has been launched to support female chefs.

Contract catering employer, Compass Group UK, has gathered a network of eight women, from an apprentice to a head pastry chef, to become mentors to other women in the food trade.

Each ambassador will mentor a female apprentice chef at the group and will also attend events to inspire more young women to consider a career in the industry.

The programme aims to support the business’ ‘Women in Food’ initiative, which aims to encourage female chefs in the industry.

It hopes that women will make up 50 per cent of its chef workforce at the company by 2020.

Fiona Ryland, HR director, said: “We are thrilled to be launching our Women in Food Ambassador Programme.

“Our eight ambassadors each have their own stories of where they are on their culinary journeys, with some juggling family life and their day-to-day jobs, to an apprentice focusing on their development.

“We hope the breadth of skills and experiences of our ambassadors will help encourage more women to consider becoming a chef, as well as supporting those who are already in the industry and wish to develop their careers further.”

Gemma Evans, executive development chef, added: “It is important for female chefs and those who are considering a career in the industry to be provided with the right support, encouragement, information and tools and I believe the ambassador programme will do this and really help inspire women into the industry.”