Get your customers out of that juice bar and into your pub – as a pint and a packet of peanuts is scientifically the best way to recover after a run, apparently.

Research has found that low alcoholic beer, if consumed together with salty snacks, meets the ideal criteria to rehydrate, especially after exercise.

The study, presented at the European Beer and Health Symposium in Brussels, investigated the effects of drink contents combined with volume intake, is most effective in rehydrating after exercise in the heat. 

Led by sports and exercise expert, Professor Ronald Maughan, of Scotland’s University of St Andrews, the study said that plain water is not enough to rehydrate most effectively. Instead, a balance of sodium and potassium is needed.

The study explained that to remain fully hydrated at all times, a volume of fluid in excess of the sweat loss must be ingested together with sufficient electrolytes.

“Low alcoholic beer, if consumed together with salty snacks, meets these criteria,” said Professor Ronald. 

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