They are one of the most popular pub menu items – but what is the golden ratio needed to build the perfect burger? We might have the answer.

Burgers are getting bigger and crazier thanks to the obsession with “dirty” food. But there’s nothing worse than a burger which falls apart when your customer picks it up.

Sticking to these golden steps is the best way to achieve burger perfection every time, according to chef and consultant of Hospitality House Ltd, Steve Mackin.


The perfect build


1. Bun: toasted.

2. Relish: chunky, spread it to the edges so customers can see it. This seals the bun to avoid a soggy bottom.

3. Burger: cooked and rested for a few minutes.

4. Cheese: any, make sure it melts.

5. Tomato: use beef tomato, nothing too watery. This will stick to the cheese to stop it slipping.

6. Onion rings

7. Iceberg lettuce: for extra crunch. Important it's placed on last to stop it wilting. 

8. Bun: place the top of the bun on at an angle so customers can see exactly what’s in the burger, use a skewer to hold it all in place.


Steve revealed the perfect burger serve at a food training course for Star Pubs & Bars licensees, where they were given week long practical training in cooking. 

He also revealed a few more top burger tips.


  • Don't prod your burger when it's on the griddle. Leave it to cook then flip it.
  • You don't need to add eggs to bind a burger unless the meat is especially lean.
  • Season your burger last so the salt doesn't draw moisture out the burger.
  • Use breadcrumbs to absorb moisture when it cooks, then release the burger juices when it's served.


To see his steak masterclass, watch our Facebook Live video here.