The industry has been urged to put ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables on the menu.

Pubs and restaurants could save money plus reduce food waste by welcoming ‘inperfectly’ shaped fruit and vegetables to the menu.

Businesses can make savings of up to 12 per cent just by buying less attractive-looking produce, according to hospitality supplier, The Regency Purchasing Group.  

This comes in response to a new government report which says ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables should be considered normal.

Managing director of the group, Alex Demetriou, said: “At a time when food prices generally are rising, reducing unnecessary waste is good news for growers and suppliers, better business for the hospitality trade and could mean better value for the consumers, too.

“Chefs commonly cut, dice or mash a product long before it is ever seen by the consumer, so as long as the quality is good, caterers can achieve their savings without customers having any idea that the delicious food they are eating did not start out as perfectly-shaped produce.”

There are 10 EU legal standards on the size and shape of fruit and veg in shops; but these may be stripped as a result of Brexit, opening the door for home-grown ‘wonky’ produce to become more acceptable and available.

The latest government report claims food waste costs the average person in the UK £200 every year, with estimates of up to one third of produce grown by farmers currently ending up as food waste because it is not the right shape or size.

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