Owners of an award winning Ealing Italian restaurant have taken over the pub next door to them.

Pasquale Chionchio and Angelo Ambrosio, proprietors of Santa Maria restaurant have expanded their business into the Red Lion, a popular Fuller’s pub.

The duo has knocked the pub and restaurant kitchens together and introduced a fully authentic Italian menu with dishes like an aubergine & mozzarella parmigiana and a mortadella sausage & provola cheese sandwich, with pistachio pesto (below).




Pasquale said: “We always wanted to make Santa Maria bigger but we couldn't. When the opportunity came up to take over the pub next door it was a dream come true.

“The owners had become great friends of ours, and we were always sending our customers there to have a drink while they waited for their table.

“It's opened up new business for us, and cements us at the heart of traditional Ealing life, which makes us very happy.”