It's National Fish & Chip Day this Friday (June 2), make the most of it with these simple drinks matches.





A simple pint of lager makes an excellent foil for fish & chips but if you want to offer something a bit more exciting then plump for a golden ale.

"The citrus aromas from the beer could be considered in the same way as a twist of lemon on the fish," explains Genevieve Upton, master brewer at Marston's.







Rob Poulter, on-trade consultant at Diageo, suggests a Paloma to go with fish & chips:


  • 50ml Don Julio Blanco Tequila
  • 150ml graprefruit soda
  • Sea salt
  • Pink grapefruit wedges


Rub the rim of a highball glass with a grapefruit wedge and dip it in a dish of sea salt. Fill the glass with ice, add the tequila and top with the soda. Garnish with another grapefruit wedge.

"The light peppery notes in the tequila cut through the batter while the citrus notes in the grapefruit soda act to cleanse the palate in between each mouthful – the perfect complement," Rob says.






Any sparkling wine would work here, but it should really be English if at all possible. Otherwise Champagne or Cava go well.

If you are after a still wine, then a Sauvignon Blanc is a real classic match or go for a Chenin Blanc or an unoaked Chardonnay, such as Chablis.






Choose a sparkling and full-flavoured cider that will cut through the richness and fat in the dish.

Chef Tim Maddams (former head chef at River Cottage) worked with Thatcher's Cider to create classic pub dishes to match its ciders.

When it came to fish & chips he developed Cider Battered Pollack Fillet, Chips & Mushy Peas to go with Thatcher's Gold.


Soft drinks



A cold glass of lemonade surely can't be beaten when it comes to a non-alcoholic choice. Alternatively a lovely cup of tea, ideally an Earl Grey served without milk but if you want something more traditional then why not offer a strong builders brew?