This London pub will open with an in-house urban farm and a “packaging free” beer concept.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Long Arm Pub & Brewery in Shoreditch, which opens this month with an on-site microbrewery, microdistillery and an urban farm.

Beers will be brewed sustainably and served fresh from tank to glass in order to cut out the keg, cask and bottling process - thus no packaging.

'Tank Fresh’ brews will also be additive and chemical-free and dispensed from six 1,000 litre tanks.

Meanwhile, the urban farm will use an aquaponics system, meaning fish will supply the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically (without soil), and the plants in turn purify the water for the fish. 

Plants, salad leaves and herbs which are grown on the farm will be used on the pub's menu, along with the fish.

The food menu will feature craft burgers and bar snacks such as fish tacos, chilli salt squid, croquettes and Mexican sopes (a thick tortilla topped with meat and vegetables).

Ed Martin of ETM Group, which is opening the space, commented: “Our Long Arm Brewery in Ealing has been producing exceptional beers and our latest opening combines my passion for brewing with my love of hospitality.

“I am confident that the increasingly quality-driven beer drinker will be excited by our dynamic selection of brews.”