Cheese and beer is a wonderful combination, so it was really very kind of the chaps at Wimbledon Brewery to join forces with the Cheddar Gorge Cheese co to create a cheese made with beer in it.

Copper Leaf Cheddar is a combination of Copper Leaf Ale and a six-month old cheddar from the company that it says it is the only cheddar producer located within the actual village of Cheddar in Somerset.

"We select the correct age cheddar (our 'mellow' which is around six months old; old enough to have the traditional cheddar qualities but not so strong that it competes with the beer flavour)," explain John and Catherine Spencer from the team who makes the cheese.

"Our specification is set at half a litre of beer per 3Kg of cheese which aims for a 16 per cent content, approximately."

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