A survey of over 1,500 people has found that the vast majority of pub customers expect a more restaurant-like service when eating dinner in pubs.

Two in three (70 per cent) said they expected table service for dinner, decreasing to 43 per cent at lunchtime and just 23 per cent for breakfast.

As well as good food, these days diners expect their order to be taken quickly – unsurprisingly 90 per cent of customers find it annoying to wait in a queue – and hate waiting for the bill (half of diners find this frustrating).

The survey was undertaken by Ordano, a provider of interactive menus and digital ordering systems for pubs, bars and restaurants.

One of the study's most interesting findings was that people are hoping JD Wetherspoon will pioneer digital ordering in pubs, with almost half stating they would "like to be able to order their food and drink using a digital tablet or app" in the chain's pubs.


Digital Ordering via tablet


"Our leisure time is becoming ever more precious and as such, consumers expect fast, efficient service as a must," said Daniel Potter, Ordano CEO.

"Interestingly, consumers are very receptive to upselling mid-meal – something that I'm sure is music to many pub operators' ears. Eighty-six per cent believe the ability to order additional dishes and drinks mid-meal with ease is important for a great dining experience and subsequently, 95 per cent of customers value staff that are knowledgeable about the menu," he added.