November is World Vegan Month, get inspired with these simple ways to create vegan dishes.

The Vegan Society is encouraging pubs and bars to get involved in this year's World Vegan Month, and points to the rising number of vegans in the UK as an opportunity – there are now 542,000 vegans in Britain, a 260 per cent in the last decade.

"Some people see going vegan as a challenge because they think it involves learning a whole lot of new recipes and using a range of new ingredients they don't have the time to find. But there is a simple and fun shortcut to going vegan – you can just replace the few non-vegan ingredients in your recipes to still enjoy the good old favourites," says the society's Dominika Piasecka.


 7 quick tips for 'veganising' dishes


  1. Many foods can replace eggs, including banana, jam, apple sauce and tofu
  2. Swap meat, fish or paneer in a curry for chickpeas or lentils
  3. Cashew nuts can be used to add protein and flavour to stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles
  4. Swap the cheese on pizza with vegan cheese and top with lots of vegetables and olives
  5. Dairy-free spreads and soya milk can be used to make mashed potatoes creamy
  6. Vegetable soup can be served with a swirl of soya cream, or for an indulgent option, you can create one using coconut milk
  7. A lot of ready-made roll-out pastry is accidentally vegan. If you glaze it using soya milk, the dish can easily be turned vegan


 Don't forget about your drinks offer either - not all of your beers and wines are suitable for vegans. Check out these alternatives.