If you want to make the perfect sausage sandwich, then you'd better get in the Cumberlands.

Research by Direct Line has revealed the nation's favourites when it comes to the classic serving.

And according to the stats, the ideal combo is a grilled Cumberland sausage in a buttered plain white bap with ketchup and fried onions.

The Cumberland was picked by 19 per cent of people, putting it above the generic pork sausage (16 per cent) and Lincolnshire (nine per cent). Veggie sausages are a hit too, with one in 12 people saying it is their preferred option.

How you cook your sausage is imperative. Grilling (43 per cent) was well in front of frying (23 per cent) and oven baked (18 per cent). Oddly, two per cent of people like their bangers cooked in the microwave.



The white bap was the number one choice of bread, just ahead of sliced white or a farmhouse loaf. Only six per cent chose brown bread as their favoured option.

And, in what many consider to be a north versus south issue, tomato ketchup won the condiment battle. It was favoured by 46 per cent of people with one in five choosing HP. A further 18 per cent opted for mustard while nine per cent like their sausage as it comes.

Matt Boatright, head of Direct Line for Business, said: "In an age of deconstructed small plates and gimmicky unicorn flavoured drinks, Brits highlighted their love of traditional hearty fare, preferring a classic sausage sandwich recipe with a white bap and ketchup."