Perhaps you should be adding some jicama to your menu – what do you mean, "what's jicama?" Good job we're here to help. Read on...

If you thought this year was health focussed, 2018 will see things reach a new level, according to the Food & Drink Innovation Network (FDIN).

The organisation has predicted five trends that we'll see next year. These are:


  • Gut health

Eating raw ingredients to improve gut health – from garlic and leeks to jicama (see below)


  • Natural sweeteners

Using inulin as a sugar and flour replacement in things like smoothies, baked treats, and sticky rib glazes


  • Plant-based food

Eating more vegan and gluten-free products, due to a growing understanding of health and sustainable production methods


  • Snack nation

Food-to-go products will focus on adults and families as consumers share smaller dishes and balance their fast lifestyles with good nutrition


  • Waste not, want not

Growing awareness of food waste will prevent food producers from throwing away food classed as rubbish and more 'clever' ways to reduce food waste


Finally, to enlighten those of you yet to come across jicama, it is a Mexican root vegetable that grows on vines and is pronounced "hee-cama".




It is said to be loaded with health benefits and is white and crunchy. Its texture and mild taste means it is most commonly used in salads and slaws. So there you go.