We were party to some exclusive research from Diageo earlier this autumn, which showed that 51 per cent of all meals in the on-trade are enjoyed with an alcoholic drink and 51 per cent of people say alcohol is an important factor in where they choose to eat.

We wanted to help you make the most of that opportunity – to provide you with some expert advice and to enable you to move beyond wine when it comes to food and drinks matching.

So, we joined forces with Diageo to create #MixAndMatch, a campaign aimed at achieving just that.

We launched on the Inapub website in September and followed up with features in the October and November/December editions of the magazine.


Spontaneous occasions

For our first instalment we looked at the opportunity of spontaneous dining occasions – those times when your punters make a last minute decision to eat out. The key to making most of this market is offering quick and easy options that offer good value for money:


Offer long refreshing tasting drinksEnsure the serve complements the food offering. For example linking international dishes with international serves such as a mojito with Mexican food or by using complementary in


Planned Occasions

For our next feature we looked at what customers want when they have planned to dine out – perhaps just to meet friends or for something more special.

"Planned occasions offer a greater opportunity for licensees to trade up – customers stay longer, and look for more memorable experiences," says Clare Moscrop, senior on-trade category strategy manager at Diageo.

"It is also true that this type of occasion sees multiple drinks purchased and a lengthy dwell time."


1 Inspire potential customers during their planning process  use email and social media to promote the serves you offer2 Upskill staff to offer an aperitif when first greeting customers and digestifs alongside de


A strong spirits-led offering can unlock the potential of dining occasions in your pub, so don't forget to #MixAndMatch