Insight from gluten-free cake brand, Almondy, suggests that us Brits are adopting the Swedish custom of 'fika'.

Fika doesn't have a direct translation in English but it loosely means having a coffee, often accompanied with a little treat.

Swedish company Almondy has identified that this "fourth meal" of the day will be a big trend this year.

"The new findings show 2018 will be the year snacking goes a step further with more consumers incorporating a fourth meal into their daily diets," explains Madeleine Ahlström, Brand Manager at Almondy.

"We are seeing the Swedish coffee and cake custom of 'fika' gain momentum in the UK and it lends itself perfectly to becoming the small fourth meal consumers are looking for.

"A slice of cake can work as a snack any time of day whether it is with a hot drink mid-morning, enjoyed as an afternoon treat or for those who want to grab a slice for later – giving savvy operators the opportunity to sell throughout the day."