These super simple hacks will take your desserts to a whole other margin-boosting level.

Callebaut, the Belgian chocolate specialist, has launched a new campaign to show chefs how easy it is to use sweet treats to boost business.

The Lasting Impressions campaign showcases on-trend chocolate-based dishes with recipes and easy-to-follow videos, as well as a new website

The recipes are costed and show how profitable desserts can be, including this chocolate orange cheesecake which costs £5.80 to make. With a suggested selling price of £4.80 per portion it works out at a whopping 675 per cent profit opportunity – check out the video above.




"Our campaign aims to show that Callebaut can be used by everyone from chefs to baristas and most importantly we want to demonstrate the tangible point of difference Callabaut can offer operators, with maximised profits and returning customers," said Robert Harrison, Callebaut's sales director.


Other advice for pubs include:


  • Keep your menu boards on-trend. Staying up-to-date with what's on the high-street is a fantastic way to differentiate your venue
  • Hold tasting evenings to give your staff the chance to try out newdishes for themselves and make personal recommendations to your customers
  • Advertise your puddings around the pub to attract new and repeat trade. If customers can see the options they are more likely to indulge.


Sharing desserts are currently very popular across te board and cold desserts are the most popular in pubs, according to Callebaut research.