More than half of vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and those with allergies are 'bored' with the current choices available when eating out, according to a new study.

The figures from the Real Soup Co claim that 97 per cent of this group are looking for new flavours, and 52 per cent are bored with current offers. It also revealed 47 per cent of such diners are eating out at least once a week, illustrating the scale of the opportunity.

In terms of dishes chosen, 66 per cent regularly consider soup as a starter, with 73 per cent saying they would pay more for a freshly made soup.

It follows data that shows an estimated 44 per cent of the UK population are living with an allergy, and the number of people with a vegan diet has quadrupled in the last decade to more than half-a-million people.



The firm also highlighted that the Vegan Society has claimed veganism and non-gluten diets are the most difficult to which develop menus, and therefore it was launching a social media campaign #freeyourmenus. It said flavours such as chickpea and coconut, French onion, butternut squash and sweet potato were popular.

David Colwell, business development manager at Real Soup Co, said: "Put simply, we can and must do better to prevent people living with special diets from suffering inferior choices – soup is not only a fantastic gluten-free alternative to a lunchtime sandwich, it is also a viable starter option for many of these diners. Introducing innovative fresh flavours is key to ensuring uptake."