There is an almost limitless number of toppings to put on pizzas now. But what do Brits actually want on pub pizza menus? 

Last year, research firm YouGov undertook a poll of the UK's favourite pizza toppings. Using this as a launching pad, we've suggested the best pizzas to serve in pubs, based on what punters claim they want on their plates.


1. Ham and mushroom




The UK loves mushrooms, apparently. Some 65% liked the tasty funghus. Additionally, 61% were really into ham. So combining the two is clearly a match made in heaven – and surely publicans will have them flying out of the ovens.


2. Chicken and peppers




The crunch of sweet red or green peppers and the soft, fleshy delight of warm chicken is another British favourite. 60% of the UK love the vegetable on their pizzas and it is followed close behind by chicken at 56%.

Maybe wack some onion on top as well – after all, it is the second favourite topping on pizzas at 62% - as well as some olives, as shown in the above example (a third of the UK like them).


3. Pepperoni





An American classic also beloved by the Brits with 56% enjoying the topping. This pork and beef spicy cured meat was originally inspired by the salamis of southern Italy.

Again, with lots of onion and tomato and olives, you can't really go wrong. If matching with beers, it goes down very well with pilsners, cutting through the salty and oily pizza with a refreshing, carbonated tongue cleanser.


4. Spicy meat feast





A personal favourite combining a number of toppings that satisfy the British tastebuds. Throw on some ham (56%), beef (36% of consumers favourite), bacon (49%), chillies (31%) and, of course, onion (62%). Another option, as shown, is to add sweetcorn - a popular choice at 42%. A winner for all.


5. Ham and pineapple




The controversy. The debate. The Hawaiian. When Icelandic president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, said he wanted to ban the topping on pizza, the internet got to work debating the topping.

Love it or loathe it, some 42% of UK consumers want to eat it.


Forget about it!





There are a couple of pizza toppings, according to last year's survey, that you should be avoided. Tuna is only liked by 21% of consumers and anchovies by even less – 18%.

You can read more about delivering a pizza offer in next month's April edition of Inapub