In place of smoked salmon finger sandwiches and scones the tea contains Spaghetti Hoops, turkey dinosaurs and crisp sandwiches all washed down with Newcastle Brown Ale...



...but it has caused controversy locally.

The Byker Afternoon Tea is available at the pub, the Brandling Villa in South Gosforth, Newcastle, every day priced £8.50 and is described as a “Three Tier Bounty of Belter Patter”.


Not all locals have seen the funny side, however, with some accusing the pub, which is in the more expensive South Gosford area of the city, of perpetuating stereotypes about Byker.




Byker councillor Nick Kemp told local news site The Chronicle, for example, that the tea was, “Potentially offensive to people in Byker. They are comparing one type of person to those in Gosforth. I think the pub should invite people from Byker to their pub for these afternoon teas for free, but I’m sure they won’t do that because it would make them bankrupt.”




The pub’s bosses have hit back, however.

“People are getting annoyed, but this was never meant to be a class thing, that’s not the sort of thing we do,” said Dave Carr, managing director of Frank and Bird Ltd, which owns the pub.

“It’s not about class, it’s about fun. We are all from the Byker and Heaton areas, we have enough working class credentials between us.”

Back in 2016 the pub won an Inapub alternative award for its burger, The Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole featuring two homemade beef patties, a Greggs sausage roll, baked beans & cheese.