It would appear that drinking beer after a gym workout isn’t always bad for you, according to one leading sports nutritionist.


The evidence has been presented by sports nutritionist Brandon Mentore, who claims that a pint actually has a similar effect to those energy drinks which are specifically promoted for post-workout occasions.

Mentore told the Mail Online that beer or other alcohol only becomes a problem from a health perspective when it is consumed to excess.

He told the website that “beer in particular has a recovery effect that is on par with some recovery sport drinks”.

The reason is due to the fermentation of carbohydrates in beer, which makes nutritional content more absorbable and available.

Additionally, aside from beer, wine can also help with post-gym recovery, due to containing numerous plant-based substances which can assist in prevention of various diseases, including cardiological, and generally having properties beneficial to health.

But he warned against regular boozing, claiming that the positive post-gym effects would only be beneficial “once in a while” – and said downing beers or wine after every workout was “not recommended at all”.

This was due to the same reasons that sports recovery drinks should not be drunk to excess, with alcoholic beverages broken down into sugar within the body and stored as fat.

So should healthy eating customers be reaching for the salads and other soft drinks? Not so. Any sugary soft drinks are not recommended, and salads are “inadequate” for recovery, apparently.

Nikki Walter, another fitness expert also quoted by the Mail, said that eating salad was a “misconception” – and it would not help to restore energy.

Of course, the fitness gurus would have punters reaching for the protein.

This would appear to suggest that a pint (or half?) of ale and a rump steak could actually be the best post-workout meal. Maybe.