Thinking of lighting the BBQ this bank holiday weekend? Maybe you should give some thought to the charcoal you're using...

The Oxford Charcoal Company produces chemical-free charcoal from sustainably sourced, single species British trees, including birch, oak, sweet chestnut, cherry, hazel and apple.

This more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach also leads to tastier food, the company claims, and you can even pair the different charcoals to add more flavour to the food you're cooking - by using apple wood for pork, for example, or alder for fish.

"We've spent the last 5 years carefully setting fire to things, developing our techniques and making Oxford Charcoal the best charcoal in the world, and for the world," said co-founder Matt Williams.

"It will change the way you BBQ forever, and I guarantee that you'll never be tempted to reach for an awful bag of paraffin-infused-Charcoal again."

All the charcoal is hand-made in small batches, is smoke-free and is said to burn longer with a more intense heat.

It is available to buy direct from the company via its website.