The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has set out an ambitious plan this morning (11 May) for the capital to increase healthy food across the eating out sector.

The strategy contains a number of incentives and policies which could impact pubs in the city.


Promoting the 'Sugar Smart' and 'Healthier Catering Commitment' policies

There is a big promotion on making eating out food healthier and these two policies – the first of which is led by food celebrity Jamie Oliver – form a central plank of the Mayor's plans.

In order to be able to promote yourself as one of these types of businesses, you will need to meet the criteria, which includes healthier frying, changing ingredients and adding vegetables to dishes.

It can be viewed in full here.


Support and promote values-driven food businesses and social enterprises

The strategy looks specifically to food businesses that are serving disadvantaged communities.

The Mayor calls on community-led food venues to apply for the the Urban Food Awards, funding support through Crowdfund London and the Good Growth Fund, and to look for support and advice via the London Growth Hub.


Look for healthier options on menus

One of the big pushes is to incentive eating out venues to promote healthier options – and to also push the public to look for such choices on menus.

Do you have a healthy option on your menu? Perhaps consider putting calories, ingredients, or nutritional value next to the dishes on the menu to showcase their healthiness.


London Living Wage and tips

The Mayor has called on the public to ask if staff are paid the London Living Wage and whether staff receive all the tips.

Make your policies clear on the menus and receipts as well as empowering staff to talk confidently about your wage and tipping policies.


Community food hubs

What do you do within your community to support food education, training, and support?

The strategy calls for "diverse, ethical and sustainable food suppliers, helping people to enjoy good food, with producers and entrepreneurs making a decent livelihood."

Consider who your suppliers are and what you do within the pub to showcase that you are supporting the local community and supporting food businesses.


Online delivery services

Have you recently partnered with a delivery partner on your food offer, such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo?

The report says that such "new technologies have an important role to play" but can be "at the expense of health, social and environmental progress".

Consider in your marketing literature how you promote such offers and how you can showcase them as good, healthy options, which are a convenience, rather than a "fast food" style option.