Olives are due to be offered with every Stella Artois for 50 pubs and bars across the UK, AB InBev has announced. 



The olives from Halkidki, a region in northern Greece, aims to be a good match with the Belgian blonde pilsner.
The brand made the decision following research that showed 74 per cent of people are looking for food and drink experiences compared to only 2 per cent seeking just drink led options.
Dubbed "Beer and Bites", the pairing of bite sized foods with Stella aims to increase footfall, dwell time and ultimate how much people spend in pubs.
Merchandise and POS for the offer will be provided to the pubs and includes branded kilner jars, love dishes, ladles and toothpicks. Additionally, a wooden top of bar sign detailing the olive offer will also be available.
Senior brand manager for Stella Artois, Chris Johnston, says: “We all experienced a superior level of beer serve when visiting bars in other European cities. 
“We want to lead the way in bringing this level of premium beer serve to the UK.
“For our on-trade partners, Beer and Bites will help to deliver an authentic, premium experience to their customers, ensuring their bars stay busy over the coming months - helping to increase dwell time, drive rate of sale and boost perceptions."