Burgers don't just have to be beef mince smashed into a brioche bun with a slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce. Oh no, they can be so much more...


Breakfast burger



The trend for breakfast and lunch is still hot, so why not take your bacon and egg roll and slap a quarter pound of beef in it? I'm not going to say no, that's for sure. And for the brunch crowd, this is sure to be a winner too.

Other options include black pudding burgers or even the supreme beast - a 'full English' burger. They are a great option for all day dining and to drive custom earlier in the day. Everyone's a winner, basically.





A certain fast food firm's 'Filet' option has dominated people's thoughts of fish in a bun. But it would be a shame for this to dominate our thinking. The options are wide-ranging and delicious.

You could do a traditional British breaded or battered cod or haddock with tartare sauce. Or maybe pollock with lime mayo? Go super premium and do a lobster burger? The fruits of the sea offers a bounty of tastiness.


Chicken thigh burger




No chicken breast? No problem! It is time to revolt against the dry stodgy chicken burger.

This dish is inspired by one of the UK's best chicken burgers – operator Coqfighter's signature dish. The Shoreditch, West Brompton and Croydon operator's panko chicken thigh burger comes with Korean hot sauce and smoked sambal mayo.

It is unbelievably moist and has a delicious crunch from the panko breadcrumbs and shredded iceberg lettuce. Add some pickled red onion and you are in cock-a-doodle heaven.


Meat free burger




Can it really be as tasty as meat? Really? This has been a question chefs, critics, and Joe public have been asking for many years...with the answer always being...No. But the search for non-meat perfection has come a long way since dry, tasteless beanburgers ruled the veggie roost.

Not well-known in the UK but a sensation in New York is chef Brooks Headley's Superiority Burger. This is probably the pinnacle of meat-free burgers – in fact, it won the best burger in the world in 2015. Really.

Indeed, it is such a cultural revolution that Brooks wrote a book about it. The recipes are certainly worth checking out – especially as the Superiority Burger recipe was a closely guarded secret for years - if you want to have great veggie and vegan options on your menu.


"Just cheese" cheeseburger




A viral story about a man ordering a cheeseburger with just the cheese slice was quite sad looking. But it sparked an interesting debate online – and fortunately another story emerged a few months later about a far tastier burger made from cheese, made as a promotional dish by former UK home delivery firm, Hungry House.

The dish features nine varieties of cheese, including the bun, which is made from a mature cheddar with mozzarella 'sesame seeds' sprinkled on top. Instead of a meat patty, you get a cylinder of Camembert, Edam and American cheese (a lettuce replacement), Babybel (instead of gherkins, apparently), and Red Leicester (instead of tomatoes, of course) and German smoked cheese 'onion rings' with a Stilton 'relish'.

Now, I know what some of you will be saying: "hang on, that's just a (very elaborate) cheese roll". Well, you wouldn't be wrong, but maybe shove in some essential burger ingredients – red onion, lettuce, sauces – and you have definitely left the British bap behind. One to try out, perhaps?