Yes, it is blazing hot. Yes, it isn't even August. But we know you lot are already planning for Christmas. Here are five top food trends to pencil into your menu.

Salted caramel




It's not a desert nowadays unless it has salted caramel in it. The advantage is that it goes with pretty much anything – ice cream, cake, even cheese. It is a great way of premiumising desserts and

Cheese and fruit




One supermarket this Christmas is selling a Stilton with cinnamon, raisins, and rum. You don't have to go that far, but adding a unique flavour to the classics will be a trend that will be seen across the festive period.

Big portions




This Christmas is all about sharing. Meat platters, vegetable platters, tear and share camembert rings – this year will see less individual items and more people looking to eat dishes together.

Retro desserts




Time to get down the old cookbooks and whip up a Black Forest Gateau as Christmas 2018 is all about the retro. People will be looking for that warming piece of nostalgia so make sure to give to them in the sticky, sweet bucketload.

Halloumi fries




Really? Fries out of cheese? Absolutely. This is the trend of 2018 as a certain high street chicken restaurant launched them to much fanfare. Now a number of mainstream supermarkets also sell them. Millennials will be looking to this as an exciting side dish or snack to down with those Christmas Eve drinks or office party.