A collection of chef ‘hack’ videos have been launched in a bid to help pubs stay up-to-date on emerging food trends.


The videos, produced by Aviko, include advice on a range of trends from Indian street food to breakfast on-the-go.

Time saving tips and vegan and vegetarian options are shown – as is how the potato is still a trendsetter in the culinary world.

New videos will be released weekly.





Mohammed Essa, commercial director UK and Ireland, Aviko, said: “Keeping menus on-trend is an essential consideration for all chefs and is the reason why we have launched our Chef Hacks to support them in their efforts.

“The new series will provide chefs with useful tips on how to elevate everyday ingredients – such as hash browns, fries and sweet potato – to save time and money and ultimately boost profits.”

“Whether you are looking for a vegan option to add to your grab-and-go breakfast offering or want to update your loaded fries menu with a touch of indulgence, our hacks are a valuable resource in helping you find the right menu solution.”