The winner of the Inapub Best British Pub Roast award, in association with Nestle Professional MAGGI, has received the winning certificate and collection of MAGGI products and spoke to Inapub to reveal what makes his roast a worthy winner.

WATCH: Why roasts matter to Brett's pub



Brett Sutton runs the White Post in Rimpton, Yeovil, Somerset with his wife Kelly, having taken over the pub in 2014. Previously Brett worked at the Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne, Dorset where he won numerous awards for his cooking.

The roast at the White Post illustrates the communal element of the traditional Sunday roast and is presented as a sharing platter, an idea which came out of a debate that Brett and Kelly had about the relative values of red versus white meat.





The main ingredients are:

Salt chamber matured beef rump
• Slow cooked shoulder of pork
• Crackling
• Thyme roasted chicken with wild garlic stuffing
• Dripping cooked potatoes
• Dripping cooked roasted carrots and parsnips
• Freshly made Yorkshire puddings
• Cider braised red cabbage
• Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
• A jug of roasted gravy juices


Speaking of the victory, Brett said: "It is really, really cool. Roasts are the backbone of our business and we always set out to do a really good roast, but we never expected to win anything.

"We have won a few local food awards for it, but winning this award underlines what we believe in makes a Sunday lunch."

He still sees room for improvement, however, and is looking to make some tweaks to the dish.

He said "We want to add more vegetables to the roast as this is something we have seen people want. At the moment we have three or four veg but we've seen people want 5 or 6. I think we've still got enough meat on the board.

"At the some point it would be cool to maybe look at have a carving knife and fork so people can cut the roast themselves, but it is the practicality and logistics of how that would work.

"For example with our Christmas roast we give people a little turkey joint and someone does carve it for the table. This works at Christmas, but because Sunday lunch needs to be a little bit quicker, we may need to assess this – but that is the next plan."