It's National Burger Day today (August 23) and burger bun baker Lantmännen Unibake's has surveyed 1,500 Brits to find out what they like to see best on a burger

Top choice was a classic cheeseburger made with a beef patty and quality cheddar, which 39 per cent of people plumped for.

That was followed by a chicken burger with buffalo sauce, lettuce & mayo (23 per cent) and a barbecue-inspired beef burger smothered in barbecue brisket, cheddar & barbecue sauce (21 per cent).

For vegetarians the top choice was a veggie bean burger with cheddar cheese (32 per cent) followed by followed by halloumi cheese with grilled aubergine, courgette & peppers (24 per cent). For vegans it was a falafel burger, avocado & sweet chilli sauce.



Unsurprisingly the baker also questioned people on their bun preferences and found that, on average, burger fans are willing to pay £1.25 more for their burger to come in a gourmet bun, with a brioche roll coming out as the favourite option.

That's more than most people are willing to pay for an extra filling, which lies at just 93p on average for some extra cheddar or bacon.

Sides were also examined with (no surprises here) chips emerging as the favourite, getting over half the vote.

Loaded fries came second (12 per cent) ahead of onion rings with 10 per cent.

Off the back of the findings the baker has come up with these four steps to help you future proof your burger menu:



1. Offer choice and personalisation
26 per cent of consumers expect to see five or more burger options on a menu, demonstrating a clear expectation for choice. 36 per cent want more variety of burger buns and fillings and 34 per cent want more opportunity to personalise their burger buns and fillings.

2. Stock high quality products
Ingredient quality is the most important factor for consumers when choosing a burger out of home with 36 per cent of consumers wanting to see improved quality to their burgers. Operators should not only stock high-quality products but also ensure they are communicating this to their customers for this to translate to sales.

3. Innovate
35 per cent of consumers want to see new flavours on menus, which means outlets should invest in menu development and ensure they are staying on top of current trends.

4. Trade up to premium
21 per cent of consumers want to see better quality burger buns on menus. A higher quality bun is one of the top three reasons for UK consumers to choose a gourmet burger when eating out of home, trading up from a standard bun to a gourmet bun is a simple yet cost-effective way to increase margins.


Samantha Winsor, Assistant Brand Manager of Americana, brand at Lantmännen Unibake said: "This research gives us an even deeper understanding of exactly what it is that consumers want from a burger when eating out of home. This ensures we offer our customer's bun and burger recommendations based on factual consumer-led insights, supporting them to drive sales and thrive in a highly competitive and ever-changing, market."

Keep your eyes peeled on the Inapub website and magazine next month, as we'll be revealing Britain's Best Pub Burger, a competition we ran in association with Shipyard beer – who will lift the trophy and win free beer and a trip to America to visit the Shipyard brewery?

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