One of the world's largest potato firms, Lamb Weston, claims to have solved the dilemma of the soggy chip with its new concept, Hot2Home.

The product, aimed specifically at the home delivery market but potentially applicable across all food businesses, ensures chips are delivered hot and crispy.

It potentially opens up a whole new home delivery sector for pubs that serve chips – and who have previously avoided the market due to concerns over quality and 'sogginess' from kitchen to table.

The product is a combination of a new chip product and new packaging, which together means that even after 20 minutes, you still get a hot chip.

Pubs are increasingly using services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats to take advantage of the home delivery market, which is growing 10 times faster than the total eating out sector.

But chips – a pub staple - have always been an issue for delivery due to packaging creating moisture and making the product soggy. But now it is hoped the new packaging – made in collaboration with university scientists in the Netherlands – has got around this issue.

Andrea Deutschmanek, country marketer UK & Ireland at Lamb Weston, said: "With many businesses delivering within miles from their premises, there are a number of factors that can produce the delays, such as traffic jams, or even consumers living on the top floor of a block of flats.

"Customers want hot and crispy fries with their meal and this is the first overall solution for delivering fries with the guarantee that fries stay in optimal condition for up to 20 minutes. Our research team has been listening to both our customers and their consumers and we know the size of the challenge."

The firm also ensured the packaging was sustainable and the carton box used wood harvested under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) with the greaseproof coating on the cardboard also being fully recyclable.