With National Rice Week coming up between Monday 17 and Sunday 23 September, Inapub looks at the top rice dishes for pubs.





Easy to produce and with a good margin, a good risotto can be a winning dish for pubs - especially for a vegetarian option. Keep it simple, cook the rice with stock, add some fish or prawns or just vegetables, shaved parmesan. Done.






The classic Indian dish of the subcontinent. It is made with spices, rice and meat – normally chicken, lamb, beef - or seafood such as prawns or fishs, and vegetables. Yum.






Another excellent mixed rice dish with origins in India. The brilliance of Kedgeree is that it can be on either a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner menu. Ingredients include flaked fish – normally smoked haddock - boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, butter or cream and sometimes sultanas.


Egg fried rice




The classic side of British Chinese takeaways, this is another easy dish that is guaranteed to have people salivating. Simply whisk up the egg, set aside, stir fry the rice with some spring onions and peas, and then add the egg slowly at one side of the pan, waiting for it to start to cook, then stir it all together.






The Valencian rice dish is probably one of the harder and more intensive dishes on this list, and the one that includes the most expensive ingredients. There are a number of furiously contested variants of this dish across Spain, and beyond. But the essentials for a British pub audience are seafood with the thick, garlicky, paprika infused rice.