Here is the Inapub guide to autumn and winter seasonal produce in 2018.






It is chestnut season (as well as the time for as figs, quince, elderberries and apples), so think about maybe adding a chestnut stuffing as a side with autumnal pickles.

The other obvious seasonal produce are pumpkins with their long standing association with Halloween. A warming pumpkin soup or even a pie dish is essential for any spooky food offer.

Meats include lamb, duck, goose, and venison. 






This is the time to get serious on the Christmas fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, butternut squash and walnuts.

Try butternut squash with a curry or as a soup - it also works well in a risotto and is a great option for creating a seasonal vegetarian dish.

Cranberries obviously go well in the sauce but can also work well with orange in sweet treats such as cookies and cakes.






It is Christmas ingredients time with pomegranate, cranberries, tangerines, apples, and, of course, Brussels sprouts topping the seasonal list.

It's all about the red cabbage, swede and turnips too.

Let's fact it, they all go well with duck, goose, pheasant and turkey in as many combinations of dishes as...well...Inapub has had hot dinners.

Also consider the nut roast this year crammed full of fruity seasonal offerings - a winner with veggies, vegans and flexitarians alike.