The nights have drawn in, the fires have been lit, and it is time to put some warming grub on the menu. Inapub offers five winter dishes for you.

Beef and ale stew




A classic for the winter months that is a staple of any pub menu. Find a rich local ale to add to the gravy and fill with seasonal veg. Slow-cook the meat for hours to get gorgeous, unctuous umami tastiness... or something like that.


Fish pie




Potato, creamy sauce, some locally sourced fish... what's not to like? This is also a great way of using any vegetables in the fridges before they turn. The potential combinations of fish and veg are endless – but probably best to keep it simple with some peas, sweetcorn, cod, salmon, smoked haddock and mounds of steaming Maris Piper potatoes layered on top.

Parsnip soup




Soups are a great light lunchtime option for punters. Inapub was tempted to suggest pumpkin soup, but this can be a divisive choice. Best to stick to the rich, warming flavour of parsnip soup.

It is also a great option for healthy eaters as it has low fat, cholesterol and sodium, but is chock-ful of vitamins and minerals with high fibre, folic acid and potassium. So there you go.


Beef hotpot




A sister dish to the beef stew, this is another classic pub staple for the winter months. Red wine, beef stock, braising steak, carrots and thinly sliced potatoes... a match made in heaven. Upsell with a pot of some veggie fries such as sweet potato, parsnip, or carrot seasoned with salt and warming spices. Yum.


Mushroom and leek pie



A great vegetarian – and even vegan – option for the winter menu. A couple of sliced leeks and a bowlful of button mushrooms should do the trick with mixed herbs and garlic. To upgrade from veggie to vegan use dairy-free butter and milk in the sauce and vegan puff pastry.