According to an article, we should be eating burgers upside down. Yep, that's right, flip it over.

Why? Well, Burger Lad blogger Simon Dukes told the website Insider that the way burgers are served are "purely for aesthetics".

He said because "the crown" – the top of the bun – was normally thicker than the bottom of the bun, so it made sense to turn it over.

This would mean that the thicker bread would hold all of the ingredients within, including the juices of the meat and toppings.

Additionally, Insider says there are two "schools of thought" on upside down eating:

• Turn it on the plate as soon as delivered the table
• Pick it up with your thumbs on top, and flip as bringing to your mouth

The article also points to a Reddit thread which claims the flipping is better because the toppings hit the tongue first, altering the entire taste experience.

Although founder of the Burger List, Matt Ester, described the idea as "ridiculous" at first, he then said "actually it makes sense" – and was "willing to give it a try".

So what are your thoughts? Thinking of serving your burgers upside down from now on – or do you already do so? Let us know on Facebook or on twitter @Inapub