A pub in York called The Shoulder of Mutton has changed its name due to plans to serve vegan and vegetarian food.

The pub, located in Heworth Green, will now be called the Heworth Inn.

According to the York Press, a man questioned the decision to change the name – claiming there would be "uproar" over the decision.

But publican Leah Stannard said the name "isn't perceived particularly well" when the pub was being marketed at tourists.

Leah said that the Heworth would have "a really keen focus" on vegan and vegetarian and that the name change was a "tasteful, sympathetic and reasonable decision".

She also told the local paper that the decision was made as a "statement of change" and to represent the level of investment into the business.

The new menu will have around a quarter of dishes being either vegetarian or vegan – but this could rise to half of all dishes in the future.

Additionally, Leah said the name wasn't suitable for the pub becoming a licensed wedding venue from next year.

She said: "We imagined that many brides may not want the invites for their big day to be at a place called the Shoulder of Mutton."

Leah also spoke with local heritage and conservation groups to ensure support for the change in the name.

Both the Vegan and the Vegetarian Societies welcomed the name change calling it a move in a positive direction and "forward thinking".

John Soonaye of the Vegetarian Society said focusing on a stronger veggie and vegan menu was a "brilliant idea".