Trash fish, nostalgic dishes and foraged ingredients are among the four 'mega' food trends set to influence 2019, according to foodservice firm Bidfood.

The political environment, sustainability, food provenance and the use of social media have been identified as key issues by the foodservice firm.

It has created a special guide to assist pubs in understanding the role of each of these trends – and how food operators can take advantage.


1) "Good for me, Good for you"

Punters are now looking for food options that not only are good for their health, but the health of the planet.

Dishes that show a reduction in waste and use foods like "trash fish" and lesser known cuts of meat are providing increasingly popular, according to the study.


2) "Gourmet Get Together"

The study also identified people were looking for a touch of nostalgia in times of political uncertainty.

The concept of people 'coming together' and enjoying each other's company with family and friends is increasingly becoming crucial for pub goers – and serving comforting, nostalgic dishes to accompany is an important element.


3) "Awaken My Senses"

The continual rise of social media shows no sign of abating and it is more important than ever for pubs to get online and promote their dishes.

Consider how best to present your menu options and how to produce bright and colourful dishes – and flavours – that can really sing on an Instagram account.


4) "Telling A Story"

People are increasingly wanting to see on menus where their food came from and understand the local provenance of ingredients.

Make sure to put local suppliers, seasonal ingredients and even foraged food into the menu and shout about the unique elements of your menu.



Additionally, Bidfood also highlighted the popularity of six regional cuisines – American, Modern European, Asian and Middle Eastern Food, Afro-Caribbean are set to dominate trends in 2019.

It also expects a surge in interest in British food and ingredients as the country moves towards Brexit and local food outlets look closer to home to develop their menus.

Lucy Pedrick, senior insights manager at Bidfood, said: "It's an interesting time in the food industry with an incredibly turbulent year ahead for British politics, an ongoing focus on wellbeing and sustainability, as well as continued interest in global food.

"This melting pot of influences is reflected in the trends for next year."