Christmas and New Year celebrations are over… but don’t forget the first opportunity of 2019 to boost your profits.



The Chinese New Year on February 5 provides the first occasion of the year to get punters in, ahead of the Valentine’s Day specials.



This year will be the Year of the Pig.

Last year, more than 700,000 people in London celebrated the Chinese New Year, illustrating the popularity of the event. Additionally, 349,000 people come to the UK specifically for the celebrations in the UK – spending around £722m in the process.

Tilda Foodservice has also highlighted that the overall Asian food market is now worth £3bn in the UK, providing pubs with a good opportunity to cash in.

Annette Coggins, head of foodservice at Tilda UK, said: “After the Christmas festivities we often see a drop in footfall and Chinese New Year is perfectly placed to bring some good fortune to operators by providing consumers with a reason to go out and celebrate. As Chinese cuisine continues to win over the hearts of the nation, the benefits of joining in the festivities are clear to see.”

Annette says that simply adding a selection of Chinese dishes to menus will allow pubs to take advantage of the festivities – and they should also look to premiumise dishes to improve profit margin.