It's January and the orange season, so now's the time to create a range of sweet and spicy delights. Here's our selection of five recipes to get you started...

Duck a l'orange



This classic dish is basically made by stuffing a duck with a wedge of zesty orange, roasting it, and then adding a gooey, sweet orange sauce.

Add Cointreau, marmalade and fresh peelings of the fruit as well to make it a proper flavour bomb.


Orange chocolate fondant




A proper sweet and sour mix that will give a seasonal twist to this popular pub pud.

Simply add marmalade to the traditional chocolate fondant recipe and add a dessert spoon of crème fraiche on the side to cut through the intense flavour.


Blood orange tart




A great looking dish that is great for the orange season. Add a couple of eggs and butter to orange juice and zest, heat it all up and bung it in a sweet shortcrust pastry base and you've got a great dessert and afternoon tea option for the mid-winter menu.


Carrot and orange soup




Although the best orange dishes may involve desserts and sauces for mains, you can also use it in a soup such as this one.

Blend together a batch of vegetable stock, oranges, carrots, onion and salt - and maybe some lentils too - for a freshly made dish which is sure to get punters mouth's salivating as they step in from the freezing cold.


Orange salad




A good idea for a seasonal side plate or a light lunch could be a number of variants on the orange salad. Add stilton for creamy acidity, and nuts (especially walnuts) for bite.

Other options include avocado and watercress to compliment the spicy and sweet flavour of the oranges. 



  • Wondering why we didn't include include marmalade in this list. We think making a medium-cut Seville orange marmalade this month is a must, not least because marmalade is a great ingredient itself to add to many of these dishes.