Aviko has announced the winner of its 'chef hack' competition -  a chef whose pastry hack has helped him create award winning pies.


Aviko said Paul Capener, of Addington Equestrian Centre, had a hack which stood out from the crowd, as he shared how chefs should weigh out their water using kitchen scales when creating shortcrust pastry – a tip that has helped him to win over 20 British pie awards.

The series saw chefs and caterers share their 'hacks' for making life easier in the professional kitchen. The chef hacks also reimagined food classics with vegan and vegetarian twists, designed to save chefs valuable time in the kitchen.


The full series can be viewed on the firm's website, and offers recipe ideas including:


  • Vegan ‘pulled pork’ loaded fries
  • Sweet bombay potatoes
  • Mac ‘n’ cheese fries
  • Vegan breakfast on-the-go hash browns with avocado salsa and poached eggs


Speaking about his win, Paul said: "Competitions like this provide a great platform for chefs and caterers to share their wealth of knowledge with each other, helping to strengthen the industry.”

Mohammed Essa, general manager at Aviko, said: “After sharing our own Chef Hacks on how to benefit from the latest consumer trends, we wanted to bring it back to UK chefs and caterers who we know are a fountain of knowledge."