A destination dining pub is doing its bit to ensure food doesn't go to waste by working with a local food bank.

The Jolly Brewers, in Shouldham, Thorpe, has partnered with King's Lynn Foodbank.

The foodbank will collect surplus edible food from the pub, such as fruit, vegetables and fresh bread and give it back to the local community to reach those in need.

Licensee Adam Noble, who runs the Admiral Taverns pub with business partner Aaron Dobson (below), said: "When running a fresh, local produce pub, there will inevitably be food waste which cannot be sold but is perfectly edible.



"By teaming up with our local foodbank, we are helping to ensure that good quality, edible food will not go to waste and we can help those in our local community who need it."

Customers can also leave donations to the foodbank – in either food or cash form - at the Jolly Brewers.

The King's Lynn Foodbank forms part of a network of more than 1,200 foodbanks across the UK.

Maarten Klem from King's Lynn Foodbank, said: "It's fantastic to work with local businesses to expand our reach within the Norfolk area. We want to encourage locals to think about how they consume food, how they can work to reduce food waste and how they can also help to give back to others in the community in the process."